Sports at BGSIRS have been growing by leaps and bounds over the years.

It was our founders’ vision of excellence in sports to establish BGS SPORTS ACADEMY and was established in the year 2001. BGS Sports Academy is a multi-disciplined body catering to various disciplines like CRICKET, GOLF, SWIMMING, FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, TENNIS, BASKETBALL, ATHLETICS, YOGA, KARATE, KABADI etc. 

  1. Professional coaches’ train and coach a student who registers for a particular discipline and help him/her attain the highest level of excellence in his /her chosen discipline.
  2. BGS Sports Academy also undertakes International Exchange Programmes by inviting cricket teams and other sports teams from Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore & various other countries across the globe.
  3. BGSIRS has signed an MOU with KSCA to prepare International Standard Turf Wickets and maintain it for top league matches and Inter-school tournaments. The KSCA has prepared                   6 International Standard Turf wickets for this purpose.
  4. The main objective of all the above academies is to provide the best of the facilities in a pollution free 100 acre campus and train them with the most modern day equipments so as to enhance and achieve the best possible results through Discipline, Dedication & Determination which will make the students not only a Great Sportsmen but also a Great Citizen.

The CBSE sports curriculum is so well designed and structured so as to give every student a balanced opportunity to utilize and adopt academics as well as sports without affecting his/her overall growth & potential.

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