Our Logo

The PEACOCK, the TRISHUL and the SUN are the symbols in the design of the Logo which represents unity, symbolizes strength, gentleness, pride, humility and the sustenance of life and growth.

  • The PEACOCK with its plumage of vibrant and deep shades of LORD Krishna’s rich greenish-blue expresses space and endless opportunities. The splendid feathers in its tail with “eye like” spots convey its vigilance and alertness in the true pursuit of learning. The plumes on its head symbolises high ambitions, aspirations and achievements of humanity.
  • The TRISHUL is the symbol of good over evil and in the hands of the peacock articulates gentleness with the strength of character to use.
  • The eternal SUN is the center of our solar system that provides inexhaustible cosmic energy to the world.

The design of the logo describes quintessentially – in the myriad colors of the PEACOCK, the TRISHUL, ancient weapons of the Gods and the eternal SUN – the Indian ethos blending together its traditions, culture, ideologies and philosophies.