The school library is well equipped with over 10,250 Books, for academic as well as entertainment. A digital library with internet enabled computers provides students to research online. The library subscribes to several Indian and international magazines. Books range from titles fit for preschoolers to 18 year olds. Bestselling books by eminent international authors for children books and comics on Indian and world culture, mythology, history are most popular with children. Every class has two library periods every week which they utilize to the maximum. Teachers and students also use the library for reference for project work, maps and preparing other teaching aids.

The library is constantly updated with the latest arrivals. Several educational CDs also find place of pride along with books in the school library. Students and teachers are free to take the books home for extended reading. The library building is spacious, airy and well ventilated, with lots of room for reading in solitude. Language labs are also included in the library.

  1. Size of the Library in Sq. feet : 100 X 80
  2. Number of Periodicals : 13
  3. Number of Dailies : 4
  4. Number of Reference books class-wise : 4000
  5. Number of Magazines : 10
  6. Number of other books : 6250
  7. Teaching material : 10,250