The school and hostel buildings have an aesthetic architecture conceived by Swamiji which adorn the campus and are amongst the finest in the country.


  1. 40 large, bright and airy rooms with smart boards which are used as classes, activity rooms and administration
  2. Seminar hall
  3. Computer lab with AV Room
  4. An Audio-visual room with OverHead Projectors and Smart Board.
  5. Separate, fully equipped and sophisticated Laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  6. 2 IT Laboratories with 50 computers connected to broadband Internet.
  7. A digital resources Library with over 10,000 books and Internet enabled computers.
  8. Kindergarten equipment with Scientific Toys.
  9. Teach Next interactive classrooms.
  10. Ten state of art Multi-media learning centers.
  11. The”Math Lab” is all about learning verifying and visualising mathematical concepts.


  1. Boys dormitories (North wing) five floors
  2. Girl’s dormitories (south wing) three floors
  3. Three Dining Halls
  4. Fully Mechanized Kitchen with cold storage
  5. Fully Mechanized Bakery
  6. Fully Mechanized Laundry
  7. Bathrooms/Lavatories

Others (facilities)

  1. Indian & Western Instruments for Music & dance training
  2. A 1500 capacity auditorium with state of art lighting and acoustic
  3. Well equipped Gymnasium
  4. Indoor Sports like Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and Boxing
  5. Playgrounds for Cricket, Golf Course, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Throw ball
  6. Playground for Kindergarten children
  7. Yoga, Meditation
  8. Swimming, Skating,Karate and Horse Riding
  9. 11 school buses and 2 cars with GPS connection.

Boarders have spacious and comfortable dormitories with excellent toilet and solar hot water facilities. The kitchen is modern, well equipped and automated. A balanced and nutritious diet is served in well-ventilated dining halls for Boarders and Day scholars.