Things you should know


Every  second, fourth and fifth saturdays will be half  working day, 1st  and 3rd Saturday will be a holiday.


Students can avail maximum outdoor activities like swimming, horse riding and adventure sports in the activity periods according to their school time table.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting have been scheduled five times in the year. On this day teachers will meet parents from 09 A.M to 12 Noon only. These days are devoted entirely for parents. Students should come with their parents in proper school uniform. Parents of boarders and day scholars should make a special effort to keep these days free. School would prefer both father and mother to visit us together. In case it is not possible, atleast one should do so. These meetings are scheduled in such a way that parents may collect their ward’s report card and also meet the class teacher and subject teachers to know their child’s performance in the school. Please make use of this opportunity without fail.


Parents are assured that the entire school staff is always be easily accessible to them and to their wards during the school working hours and days, for anything, however trivial. We would deem it a real pleasure if they establish a close and personal rapport with us for all their needs.It is expected that parents should be reasonable in their demands/suggestions.

Dress Code

Parents are requested to ensure that their wards strictly adhere to the school dress code. Students will not be permitted to attend school if they fail to dress properly.


We will communicate with Parents through periodic mails. We would like the parents to visit us as often as they want without disturbing classes in progress. They can contact us through the phone, whenever required. Communication to the school is open through direct lines.


Homework/ assignments will be given in each subject for their internal assessments.


Visitors are requested to comply with the security rules of the school so that proper security and vigilance is maintained.


Boarding facilities are available for both boys & girls from UKG to XII .They may go home on second Saturday only (once a month).


Parents will be issued a booklet about the hostel. Please read this for compliance. We would like to assure parents that activities on weekends are attractive and value based and should not be missed.

Medical Cover

The Resident Doctor of the school is responsible for the healthcare of children. The Resident Doctor and nurse will be available 24 Hrs a day to provide first aid and general medical treatment. In case of an emergency, the child will be referred to BGS Medical College and Hospital for the treatment. Payment for the treatment will be borne by the student (through the personal account). The school infirmary is equipped with 7 beds and an ambulance. The following will be checked for all Students and Staff, as and when required.

For Boarding Students and Staff

  1. Assessment of Children’s Medical History and Clinical Examination
  2. Height and weight
  3. Growth chart
  4. Physical examination
  5. BP monitoring
  6. Comprehensive health checkup

For catering Staff

  • Comprehensive health checkup once in 6 months
  • Fortnightly health checkup by Resident Doctor

Health Education :

The Resident Doctor will organize awareness programmes for all the staff members, students and catering staff to address health problems and hygiene, including problems of adolescence.

Technology Education

  1. BGSIRS has tied up with TeachNext specialized in an integrated computer education for students of all levels, to supplement and complement the CBSE IT Curriculum with digital classrooms and technology.
  2. Computer Education
  3. Communication Through Internet
  4. Maintenance of Systems
  5. Teaching Through Multimedia and Teach Next