When was BGSIRS established?
BGSIRS was started in 1997 with strength of about 41 students from classes 1 to 9. By the end of the first year the strength increased to 108. The school was formally inaugurated in January 2000 by the then Prime Minister Sri. Vajapayee. The first batch of standard ten students were sent for the CBSE Board exams in 1998-1999. 

What is the present strength of the school?
We have 750 students out of which 250 are boarders, from all parts of India including foreign students from USA, Thailand, Korea, Nepal, UAE and Dubai.

What is the strength of each class?
Each class has 25 to 30 students.

What is the strength of the teaching staff of the school? 

We have 47 teachers from Pre-school (Preparatory, Junior one) to XII standard.

What is the profile of your teachers?

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, having worked for some of the best schools in India and Bangalore.

Why is your school called ‘International’?
BGSIRS is a prestigious residential school in South India which has students from all over the world, like USA, Germany, Europe, Dubai, UAE, Nepal and Thailand. This is a home away from home for the NRIs who trust the school with their wards to give them the culture and Indian upbringing that they cannot in their country.

How is your school different from other schools?
Our school is located in the outskirts of Bangalore, away from polluting atmosphere with a huge area for games and other activities. Our classrooms are spacious and well- ventilated, with only 20-25 students in each class. Interpersonal relations between students and teachers are therefore more effective. We give equal importance to academics and extra- curricular activities of students, and attempt at all-round, holistic development of young minds. As a result, our students develop a well-rounded personality, equipped to deal with life much more confidently.

What are your extra- curricular activities?
The school has Yoga, Swimming, Martial Art and Games like Cricket, Golf, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Throw Ball, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Art & Craft, Music & Dance and Computer Education as PART OF THE CURRICULUM, and are compulsory for all students. We also have personality development courses and NIE (Newspaper In Education) programmes for some classes. Apart from these there will be several inter- school cultural and literary competitions for which students will be trained as and when required.

What about the meals provided in the school?

Wholesome vegetarian and non-Vegetarian food is provided for both day scholars and boarders in the school. Day scholars can avail breakfast, lunch and snacks every day in the premises. Students are not allowed to bring their own snacks and meals to the school.

How do day scholars come to school, and what are the timings?
Day scholars are picked up from all over Bangalore in nine buses that reach the farthest part of the city. Depending on the area, a child will have to leave home between 7 and 7.30 every morning, and shall reach home between 4.30 and 5 every evening.

What are the school’s activities on Saturdays?

Except for the third Saturday of the month, the school functions on all Saturdays as per the timetable given in the diary. 1st , 2nd  and 4th  Saturdays are working days with regular classes. Thereafter, activities are conducted for students in outdoor and indoor games, besides activities in Adventure, Art & Craft,  Music & Dance.

When can the boarders be taken home? How do we keep in touch with our wards?
Parents/guardians can visit/call their wards only during weekends. They can keep in touch through email facility provided by the school. Boarders are allowed to be taken home by their guardians once a month. During long holidays like the midterm holidays during October-November and summer break during April and May, no boarder is allowed to stay back in the school.

When can parents meet the class teachers?
Certain days of the year are earmarked for Parent-Teachers meeting during which there can be a one-to-one interaction with the teachers. Apart from this, parents may feel free to call/visit the teacher with prior appointment.

What are the languages offered in your school?
The school offers Hindi, Kannada, French and Sanskrit for the II and III language options. Students are required to opt for a third language between classes five and eight. 

What is the load of homework on students?
Students are necessarily given Maths, English and one subject homework every day. Even this will not be so much as to burden the students.

Will marks scored in unit tests be included in the final examinations every year?

The school follows a continuous evaluation System. The grades scored in the assessment will be reflected in the evaluation. The progress report of the student is given twice every academic year.

What is the promotion policy for students?

Promotion Policy 
Promotion policy is based on overall performance throughout the academic year. Student should secure pass marks  in third language compulsorily in VIII standard to get promoted. Promotion in class IX is as per CBSE Board guideline. The student should get 25% in SA1 and 25% in SA2 in all the subjects to get promoted to Class X.