BGSIRS Facilitators are empathetic ,caring and are willing to go the extra mile for their students. They are the combination of knowledge, skill and are dedicated to their work. BGSIRS takes extra care to select the faculty with the deep knowledge of the subject they teach and having considerable previous experience of teaching.

Faculty Details


Sl.no Staff Name Qualification Designation Subject
Mrs. Shyamashree Chatterjee
 to be updated  Principal Botany
Senior Secondary Section
2 Mrs.Shika shinna to be updated  Vice Principal Science
3 Mr.Ravi Babu M.Sc.B.Ed PGT Chemistry
4 Mr Raghavendra .D M.A  M.Phil B.Ed PGT English
5 Mr.Narendra Babu M.Sc.B.Ed PGT Mathematics
6 Mrs. Moumitha Mondal M.Sc.B.Ed PGT Biology
7 Mrs.Rashmi MCA  PGT Computer
8 Mr.Chidanand M.P.Ed PGT Physical Education
9 Mrs.Chandramathi M.A B.Ed PGT Kannada
10 Mr Basil Louis M.A PG Dip Education PGT Economics
11 Mr.Bharath Chandra M.sc M.Ed PGT Physics
12 Veerabhadra Swami M.Sc B.Ed M.Bil PGT Library
Secondary Section
13 Mrs.Tushara Rajesh M.Sc.B.Ed CTET TGT Mathematics
14 Mrs.Sunitha.S PGDCA,MCA,MTech TGT Computer
15 Mrs Bhavya K M.Sc B.Ed TGT Science
16 Mrs.Alina Borges                   B.A B.Ed TGT English
17 Ms.Geetha Hosmani M.A B.Ed TGT English
18 Mr.Prasanna Bhat M.A B.Ed (Phd) TGT Sanskrit
19 Mrs. Rashmi Mishra M.A. B.Ed. CTET TGT Hindi
20 Mrs. Deepa Shirodkar M.A. B.Ed TGT Social Science
21 Mr.Kamalakar M.Sc B.Ed TGT Mathematics
22 Mrs.Vidyaratna M Das M.A B.Ed TGT Social Science
23 Mrs Padma M.A B.Ed TGT English
24 Mrs Sujatha M.F.A MVA TGT Art & Craft
25 Mr.Anand B.P.Ed TGT Physical Education
26 Mr Siddhodhan M.sc B.Ed TGT Math and Sci
27 Mrs.Shalini M.sc B.Ed TGT Sciecne
28 Mrs.Ramadevi M.A B.Ed TGT Social,English
29 Mrs.Vindhya M.A B.Ed TGT Kannada
30 Mr.Venkatesh M.Sc B.Ed TGT Mathematics
Primary & Middle section
32 Mrs.Jayashree B.Com B.Ed PRT Sc & Maths
33 Mrs. Gurvinder Kaur M.Sc. B.Ed PRT Science & English
34 Mrs Geethalakshmi M.Sc B.Ed PRT Science
35 Mrs.Vijayavalli M.A B.Ed PRT Kannada
36 Mrs. Vidhyashree B.A, D. Ed PRT Nursery
37 Mrs.Anitha Catherine P.U.C NTT PRT Nursery
38 Ms. Kodi Jayashreei M.Sc B.Ed PRT Mathematics
39 Mrs.Rajalkshmi Kare M.A PRT Hindi
40 Mrs.Prathiba M.Sc  B.Ed PRT Science 
41 Mrs Latha  B.A,D.Lib Lib Library
42 Mrs.Shree Durga M.A PRT English
43 Mrs Padma M.A M.Sc B.Ed PRT English,Social
Music & Dance Section
44 Mrs Padmini M.A Music Tutor Music
45 Mr Shankar.S S.S.L.C Tutor Instrument
46 Mrs Asha H Vidvath in Dance Tutor Dance

Number of Teaching Staff

DesignationTotal Number
Vice Principal1