Extra - Curricular

Besides Physical and Health Education, the school provides the gamut of sporting activities like Adventure Sport, Music, Dance and Theatre. It has a Cricket ground with pitches of International Standards, 9 hole Golf Course,Swimming pool and a Horse riding ring. It has various clubs and societies, a learning centre with a special educator for counselling. Value education is imparted to all. The school equestrian comprise of 8 horses with much room for expansion. Spacious rooms for Yoga, Indoor games and a Gymnasium are built in the basement of the school.

Under this section, we highlight the different extracurricular activities held by BGSIRS. In line with the philosophy that busy people find time for everything and that people should work hard and play hard, the students are expected to spend their leisure time productively. There are a variety of activities to involve all the students.

  1. School Council
  2. Eco Club
  3. Health and Wellness Club
  4. Mathematics Club
  5. Integrity and Heritage  Club
  6. Literary Club
  7. Magazine Committee
  8. Art & Craft Club
  9. Music & Dance Club

Co-curricular activities encompass almost all activities other than the academic programs. Such activities are value based activities and most students take to these with much personal involvement and interest because of its informality and openness.