A Unique Learning System for Overall Development and Specialized Coaching to Ace Competitive Exams

→ Residential Campus with all Amenities

Spacious Smart-Classes for Interactive Sessions

→Innovative and Tech-based Teaching Methods

→Highly Focused and Effective Curriculum

→Efficient and Expert Faculty

→World Class Infrastructure

→Indoor and Outdoor Games Facilities

→GPS Enabled Transport Sytem

Deeksha’s unique approach towards academic integration

The academic process at Deeksha is synchronised with board and competitive exams. In an effort to simplify preparation for students, Deeksha ensures that coaching for both board and competitive examinations happens simultaneously. Tests, homework, and assignments are all synchronized with classes being held for board and competitive exams.

Concept Teaching

Deeksha greatly stresses on understanding the concepts thoroughly before attempting to solve problems. Students are first introduced to the concept in depth, followed by doubt clearing session and concluding with solving a range of problems relating to the concept. The idea is to acquaint students with the concepts so they are in a position to attempt unfamiliar questions as well.

Testing Process

Performance of the students is regularly monitored through weekly tests, term exams, monthly reports, and parent meetings. Comparative reports are published every month which provide revised benchmark for the students.

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