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News !!!! Apple Deployment at BGSIRS 

BGSIRS has signed up with Creative Infotech  –  Apple Solution Expert for Education – to introduce the Apple learning   in the BGS Knowledge campus in the year 2019. Under the MOU the BGSIRS campus is brought under Apple Learning Environment and the whole campus is getting ready to deliver education using this framework. Currently the teachers are getting trained using Apple iPads in the Apple Learning Framework and are preparing technology enabled lesson plans to engage the students of BGSIRS in the upcoming academic year.

The school is deploying iEmpowered – a complete educational resource planning tool which will allow seamless collaboration between teachers, students and parents. All the relevant information such as timetable, attendance, assignments, fees, report card and other related information would be available in the app. This App was launched on 8th of Nov 2019 on the occasion of the founders day by Parama Poojya Jagadguru Padmabhushana Sri. Sri. Sri Dr.Balagangadharnatha Swamji.

The school will introduce Apple Digital Learning courses right from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in the Apple iPad and Apple Mac lab setup in the institution in the coming academic year. The Apple courses are designed for all the grades will be in line with the outcome required to be achieved for every grade. This will complement the learning with deeper skilling on the subjects, along with parallel skilling the students on all the industry relevant skills like collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication etc.

These courses are designed by the in-house Apple Certified Trainers along with curriculum heads of BGSIRS and would be open for the students in coming academic year. All the classrooms and the campus would be Wi-Fi enabled and World Class Apple ecosystem will be in place to address the growing learning needs of 21st century students.

Apple Professional learning
BGSIRS teachers attending Apple training session on using Apple iPad for education delivery
September 2019
On Going Training with BGSIRS Teachers
Teachers participating in learning the use of technology to deliver their lesson plan
September 2019
APL program session - 6
A lot of learning and hands on exercise with teachers. The training has enabled the teachers to actively participate in students learning in 21st century skill requirement
October 2019

iEmpowered - Education Resource Planning - BGSIRS- Teacher - Student- Parent

The management is in the process of setting up educational resource planning for the whole institution. The management will be shortly launching Apps for teachers, students and parents in Apple store and Google play from where it could be downloaded. The educational platform – iEmpowered – is well designed to include all the information of the teacher, student and parent. iEmpowered will allow parents to have dynamic information on all the school related activities. Parents will have updated information on timetable, attendance, assignments and reports. Even the fees could be paid using the App.

Education resource planning BGSIRS
click to download the app for your Apple device
Teacher App
The teachers will use Apple iPad to record all classroom and school related activities which will allow smooth supervision and moderation for the management
Launching on 8th Nov 2019
Parent App
Parents could download the app on iPhone or android mobile devices and enjoy updated notification of their child on a periodic basis. The app will also be used by the parents to pay dues with ease.
click here to down load on your mobile device - Google play