BGSIRS Curriculum

KG - Prep, Junior-I Junior-II

  • Timings : 8.30 am - 3.00 pm
  • After lunch break
    • Rest time till 12.30 am - 3.00 pm
    • Innovative activity oriented method of teaching


The care given at this level is very gentle and with utmost care. The children are very tender at this level. The curriculum at this stage is fun filled and meaningful. All the activities focus on social, emotional and aesthetic development of the child. Indoor and outdoor activities are planned to develop concept building, motor control, language and communication enhancement. The subject introduced at this level are English, Number work Environmental studies along with Music, Dance, Art & Craft nature walk and Excursions which improves the child's cognitive and perceptive abilities.

Primary: I to V

At this stage students are encouraged to think independently and creatively. Activity based teaching method is adopted; the emphasis is on multiple skill enhancement. The subjects offered at this level are English communicative, Hindi course B, Kannada, French, Sanskrit(II Lang), Hindi, Kannada, French (III Lang from V onwards) EVS (1 and 2) Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Music, Dance and Physical education. Life skill and Co Ccurricular activities inculcate healthy spirit, competition and values among the students. Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation is adopted at this stage as per CBSE instruction on 5 scale grading system.

Middle: VI to VIII

At this level the students are trained to be self motivated and self confident. Shift is towards experimental and collaborative learning. The subjects offered at this stage are English communicative, Hindi course B, Kannada, French, Sanskrit (II Lang), Hindi, Kannada, French and Sanskrit (III Lang) Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Physical education. Life skill education and Co Curricular activities inculcate competitive spirit among the students. Assessment is continuous and comprehensive as per CBSE guidelines on 7 point grading scale.

English II Language III Language (V to VIII)
Mathematics Hindi Hindi
Science Kannada Kannada
Social Science Sanskrit Sanskrit
Computer Science French French
Art & Craft    
Music and Dance    

Secondary: IX & X

At the secondary level students are encouraged to be self directed, self reliant, resourceful and confident. The curriculum is more comprehensive at this stage. The subjects offered at this level are English communicative, Hindi course B, Kannada, French and Sanskrit (II Lang), Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Art & Craft,Music, dance, Physical education. Life skill and Co Curricular activities complement the curriculum. The students have an opportunity to discover their talents in various fields. The evaluation is strictly as per Board guidelines on 9 scale grading.

Senior Secondary: XI & XII

At this stage focus is on to make the student independent. The curriculum enhances the problem solving skill, to comprehend the facts and concepts to incorporate the information gathered through experimental and research based learning. The course of studies is as follows:

  • English Core: common for all streams
  • Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology/Computer Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.
  • Commerce: Accountancy,Economics,Business Studies,Mathematic/,Entreprenuership
Secondary - IX & X Senior Secondary - X I & XII
English Communicative II Language Science Commerce
Mathematics Hindi English core English core
Science Kannada Physics Accountancy
Social Science Sanskrit Chemistry Business Studies
Computer Science French Mathematics Economics
Art & Craft   Biology Mathematics
Music and Dance   Computer Science Entrepreneurship